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Most of this project was shot at a single location. This is a comedic story based on dramatic true events that leaves the audience wanting more. With a total of 18 scenes, there was a challenge of making set-ups look different yet feel congruent. A single location was used for a variety of set-ups which was ideal to staying on schedule and on budget. My main objective was to gather an audience that could relate to and enjoy the story and characters. My favorite part of making this film was gathering a variety of talents to create a unified vision. 

Honestly, this project had an even better outcome than originally anticipated. I enjoyed bringing the comedic characters to life and forcing them to deal with dramatic conflicts. Staying true to the actual events was important and implemented. Using a high quality camera seamlessly provided an excellent post-production experience and final product. Ultimately, I hope to continue this story and produce it into a original series. 

INDIE SHORTS MAG Reviews 'Cops Or Robbers' July 13 2019

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WINNER Best Comedy 
Film Arts & Hearts Film Festival (2019)


Come out to a screening of COPS OR ROBBERS at The Arts & Hearts Film Festival Wednesday April 24th 2019 at 7pm. The Landmark Theatre 10850 West Pico LA, CA 90064 

INT. Living room - Production Design Comparison Photos 

Installing the sliding glass door was an absolute necessity. The location people weren't happy with dismantling their doorway, but the production assistants were thrilled to help create my vision.  

Orlando robbery location compared to Los Angeles filming location.

Casting Call for COPS OR ROBBERS at Space Station Casting Studios | Studio 4 |  February 18 & 19th 2017